Our CEOs

Lim Chow Kiat



GIC wants to do more to bring our partners together. That is why in March 2018, we teamed up with EDB to inaugurate the Bridge Forum. The theme was real estate technology and innovation. We brought our industry partners in Asia to meet Silicon Valley’s innovators and best brains. We connected some 70 C-suites from Asia with the Valley, facilitated more than 250 one-on-ones and held a big dinner party. Several joint ventures have since followed. Such concrete results and numerous positive feedbacks have encouraged us to aim higher for the next edition. Like the first edition, the Bridge Forum 2019 program has been carefully curated. We want it to be relevant and practical for you. This time round, the focus is on next- generation financial services. We hope to see good learning, innovation and collaboration. I look forward to welcoming you at the Bridge Forum 2019.

Chng Kai Fong

Managing Director


The second edition of the Bridge Forum aims to bring thought leaders, innovative start-ups and companies and institutions from Asia together to reimagine the future of financial services. It is an important and timely theme as the global financial industry faces keener competition, challenges to growth and greater scrutiny from customers and governments alike. As Singapore seeks to maintain its position as a leading global financial centre located in Asia, we will work with companies to collectively pursue an active innovation agenda to capitalise on the opportunities, and at the same time, manage the risks of digital disruption. EDB, as the co-host along with GIC, hopes that the participants of Bridge Forum 2019 will stand to benefit through the thoughtfully curated programme, and in turn, learn to harness technology to improve the ways by which banks, companies and consumers transact today. We are confident that the robust exchange of ideas during the Forum will spur many opportunities for collaboration. I wish that you would find Bridge Forum 2019 a fruitful and enriching experience.