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Dominic Soon

Senior Vice President


Dominic Soon is Co-Head of Digital Assets at GIC as well as a Senior Vice President in the GIC Private Equity team.

Based out of GIC’s Singapore headquarters, he has been involved in the evaluation of almost all of the large technology investments globally by the wider GIC Private Equity team since joining the company in 2013, on top of his responsibilities with the GIC Technology Investment Group. Dominic also enjoys the practice of technology as much as investing and helped to develop GIC’s internal technology platform. Prior to GIC, Dominic started his career as an economist in the Singapore public service.

Dominic holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Cambridge University, a Master of Arts in International and Development Economics from Yale University and is also a student in Tsinghua University’s Executive MBA programme. He co-founded a Singapore-based charity focused on using technology for the public good.

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