Bridge Forum CEO Summit 2019

Come for Innovation. Leave with Impact.

The Experience
The Bridge Forum is a unique experience designed to guide you and your business through tech disruption. We thoughtfully convene global business leaders and tech trailblazers to connect, share exclusive insights, and problem-solve through immersive 1:1 meetings. At the end, your biggest takeaway isn’t a business card – it’s a plan to impact the future.

The Theme: Next-Generation Financial Services
This premier, invite-only program will bring business leaders in financial services from Asia together with Silicon Valley tech luminaries. Our long history in the Valley has given us unique insight into the tech trends that disrupt industries and proprietary connections to the foremost tech leaders. Co-created by GIC and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), the Bridge Forum seeks to share this exclusive access with our partners in a collaborative, immersive and impactful environment .