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Sam Rosen

Vice President


Sam Rosen is currently a Vice President in GIC’s Technology Investment Group. In this role, Sam focuses primarily on application software, having invested in companies such as Zip and Brightwheel.

Prior to joining GIC, Sam was an investor in leading venture capital firms General Catalyst and Insight, having led and supported investments in Monday.com, FloQast, Bullhorn, Ramp, Ethos, SupportLogic and Upside, among others. Sam has also spent time on the operating side with Handy, DraftKings and Finix, working in various cross-functional roles to help those businesses scale their operations.

Sam holds a Bachelor and Master of Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. An avid sports fan, Sam likes it when Michigan and Chicago win and when Ohio State, Green Bay and St. Louis lose. While he once competed more actively in sports as well, winning two Big Ten Championships as part of the Michigan Men’s Water Polo Team, his declining athleticism has compelled him to spend more time exerting his competitive spirit in more leisurely activities such as board games and poker.

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