Team member

Karan Sharma

Assistant Vice President


Karan Sharma is an Assistant Vice President in GIC’s Technology Investment Group where he leads the team’s crypto / web3 and delivery networks investing efforts.

Companies he has backed include Doordash, Anchorage, Chainalysis, Coinbase, Dapper Labs and Nansen. Karan helped initiate GIC’s crypto investing practice and takes a keen interest in facilitating regulatory dialogue in crypto via GIC’s Bridge Forum platform. Prior to joining GIC in 2017, Karan spent two years at the Mergers and Acquisitions group at JP Morgan in San Francisco.

Karan is originally from Dubai and holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science from the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Karan is a big sports fan, often seen playing golf or cheering for Chelsea FC and the San Francisco 49ers. A self-proclaimed philosopher, he deeply regrets not focusing on liberal arts in college and spends most weekends overcompensating by reading oddly specific books on history and philosophy.

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