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Founder’s Quote

“GIC has been a supportive global partner since the inception of our relationship in late 2020 and through Anchorage Digital’s expansion to offer institutional custody in Asia in 2022. We’ve appreciated the external show of support, ideas, and introductions from GIC, who really sets the tone as a leader among VC investors in the digital assets space with their belief in the long-term future.”​
Diogo Monica (Co-Founder & President)​


Anchorage Digital is a global regulated crypto platform that provides institutions with integrated digital asset financial services and infrastructure solutions. With the first federally chartered crypto bank, Anchorage Digital offers institutions an unparalleled combination of secure custody, regulatory compliance, product breadth, and client service.​

GIC’s Value Add

Facilitated introductions to senior level regulators to help Anchorage Digital navigate expansion into Asia.​

Assisted Anchorage Digital with setting up Singapore operations.​

As active board members, GIC plays a critical role in helping navigate broader, global crypto considerations for Anchorage Digital.

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