Angela Strange

General Partner / Andreessen Horowitz


Angela Strange is a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz where she focuses on investments in financial services including insurance, real estate & increasing inclusivity. She is currently a board observer for the following Andreessen Horowitz portfolio companies: Branch, Earnin, HealthIQ, Mayvenn, PeerStreet, and Point. Angela joined the firm in 2014.

Prior to joining a16z, Angela was a product manager at Google where she launched and grew Chrome for Android and Chrome for iOS into two of Google’s most successful mobile products. Previously, she was the director of product management and business development at Ruba.com (acquired by Google) and a senior associate partner at Bay Partners where she focused on the consumer internet sector. Prior to that, Angela was a consultant at Mercer Management Consulting in Toronto.

Angela is a proud Canadian and served as co-chair of the C100, a non-profit that bridges Canadian entrepreneurs with Silicon Valley, and on the Canadian Finance Minister Morneau’s Economic Growth Council. Angela has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Queen’s University, in Canada, and an MBA from Stanford. Angela is a world-class athlete and spent two years training professionally as a runner; she has won several marathons and achieved a seventh place national ranking in Canada.

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